About Britney


Britney is a professional evidential medium, intuitive psychic, spiritual guidance counselor, certified life coach, advanced certified professional Angel Card Reader, an Ordained Minister, as well as a teacher and student of astrology and numerology. Britney's innate intuitive abilities allow her to connect you with your loved ones. By offering specific numbers, dates, times, initials and/or names, she can bring through information that sparks subtle memories that most others may not have known, bringing you instant confirmation that she has made a connection with your loved one! She is able to bring through spirits' personality traits and mimic speech patterns specific to your loved one that leads you to recognize them with no question! No session is the same!! No matter what service you are seeking. Her clients have described feeling rejuvenated, with a sense of closure and fulfillment after a session with her. 

Britney is constantly broadening her horizons and studying every day to become the best she can be for her clients. She believes we are all students of the universe and we will never stop learning!  Britney has studied with Renowed psychic medium, hay house author, and former tv star John Holland as well as internationally known psychic medium, author, and approved overseas tutor for the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England, Janet Nohavec.

Britney resides in Hannibal, Missouri. She is a former model and pageant competitor. For most of her life she was unaware of her abilities, thinking everyone saw and felt the things she did! Once aware, she became a "clairvoyant in the closet" keeping these abilities to herself and close friends, out of fear, for how others would view her. After many signs, interventions with spirit, and life changing sessions with friends and family, she knew she could no longer ignore her abilities. Britney has gone public with what she does in hopes to truly HELP bring some sense of closure, guidance, and awareness to those seeking it.

 "I do not believe there has to be a separation between belief and faith in God and Spirituality. I believe just as God has given those born with beautiful voices the ability to sing, he has given some the natural born ability to be more intuitively in-touch with spirit and the rest of the world! Everyone relies on a certain set of skills to do their jobs, we cant physically see someone's singing voice, or how they make it work! But we know it is real and at work!!! The same goes for mediums and intuitives!"