Coming Out Of The Clairvoyant Closet..

Mankind is evolving, we are entering a very exciting time, our planet is shifting and our world as we once knew it is dramatically changing. Can you feel it?

 We are waking up, discovering and learning to own who we truly are, and becoming more and more sensitive to the Universe, and the way in which it communicates with us. We are finally beginning to understand that self acceptance is one of the most important things we can accomplish while here on earth. 

When I discovered my abilities about 10 years ago, I felt totally lost, I knew somewhere deep down inside I was a natural light worker but I didn’t seem to fully grasp it until my late 20’s, and the transisition from stay at home mom to psychic bad ass :) wasn’t easy. I felt alone, I longed for people who understood and respected what I could do, someone who “spoke my language“. 

I would have given anything to have a mentor. Someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, to gain insight and guidance from. Someone who supported me and reminded me that what I was experiencing was normal. Someone who built up my confidence and most importantly KNEW what the heck they were doing!! Thus, I’ve created..“Coming Out of the Clairvoyant Closet“ . 

Out Of the Closet is a mentorship workshop that is completely tailored to YOU! It is a four hour ONE day event, where you will work directly with me. No psychic or medium is the same and that‘s why I feel it is important that you have an original mentorship. Which is why I will keep classes small, allowing questions, and the opportunity to explore your abliities.   

You may ask yourself, why this program? Well let me break this down for you:


*No Hotel needed! We’re done in One day! 

*This is NOT an online program! You will not be reading pre written content that’s simultaneously made available as the weeks go by. You can get that information from my personal book recommendation list (which is only available to my students by the way), no, this is personal!

* You will have the opportunity to attend one of my Mediumship Demonstrations for free, at the end of class and delve even deeper into your abilities as you bring forward spirit with Britney. 

Below is a comprehensive list of skills and knowledge that you will be exposed to during your time with me, I will give you everything I know! The sky is the limit, and this is the beginning of something amazing!

Key components of this program that we will work on include:

*understanding the responsibilities and code of ethics in which to uphold as am Intuitive or Medium.  

*Developing and Holding a Link with Spirit

*Learning to TRUST yourself 

*Guided and Self Guided Meditaion 

*Protection and Psychic Self-Defense 

*Strengthening Your Intuition  

*The Art of transferring into an altered state

*Dialogue with Spirit 

*We will touch base on divination, praying, and how to rid yourself of negativity and daily stressors to catapult your connection

*How to Handle negative feedback

*You will also be provided with a collaboration of worksheets to help guide you through your mentorship. We call this “The Soul Path Kit”.

- nothing is off limits...we will get personal! 

Who works best with me?

Do you feel pulled to explore your abilities?

Are you highly intuitive or empathic?

Do you seem to know things before they happen?

Do you remember experiences from your childhood of seeing spirits, dreams that told you things, or precognitive thoughts? 

Im seeking only positive and dedicated students that are filled with light and the desire to help others. You must uphold a very high standard of ethics and morals and be ready to get OUT of your comfort zone, and most importantly you must be able to take constructive criticism.If this sounds like you, Then you may be ready to ROCK your abilities!

Investment for this course is $699 or 3 installments of $233 Due before the class.

Private One on One Class is also available for $997 

Stay up to date on the “Britney Buckwalter“ facebook page for workshop announcements or feel free to email us with any questions!

Learn More

If you would like to know more about this program, or request to be interviewed as a possible mentee contact Britney (see the get in touch tab). Payment plans are an option!