What Others Are Saying...

Thank you for sharing your blessing! It truly has changed my outlook on life! Nicole B. Liberty MO

... it forever changed my life. I was at a point I was so overwhelmed with all life in general. Mainly stemming from losing my father...As I drove home after our session I was so happy. I felt so much peace. Since then, my life has changed drastically. In such a positive way. All of my friends have heard my experience and are amazed. " I hope they take the step to meet you too! Thank you britney, for helping me find the peace I needed to move on just a little. What you do truly changes lives, gives them peace, answers that weighed heavy on their hearts for so many years, and enough hope for the future that it's ok to keep moving forward and not feel guilty about it. You are such a blessing in my life. I can't wat to share this experience with my mother tomorrow. -Heather M. Kirksville MO

... It proved to me my Baby is still around me. But the person you are touched my soul. You continued to reach out to me. You didnt have to. But you did. It showed me that your gift is something you truly consider a gift from God. #Heaven 

-Angela C. Kansas City MO

The best validation for me was when my son lead you to my purse. Before the reading I placed something of his in my purse. I told no one and left my purse on the floor during the reading. Parker led you right to it. No way you could have known about that. - Donna R Quincy IL


...”The one question that I needed an answer to so badly that it caused me such pain that it was physical was the one I finally got the answer to thanks to your gift and John's persistent, lol. I can't really explain what I'm feeling because I'm still processing everything you told me but peace and a kind of extremely joyful high is the only thing I can come up with right now. Thank you doesn't even cover what I feel but you will be hearing from me very soon but right now I'm going to let you go so I can continue to explore what I'm feeling and bask in the love that I've known was true but needed to hear it from him.” -Cindi Of O'Fallon MO

“I want to give Britney a super huge thank you! For an incredible reading today! Britney your incredible gift brought warmth and smiles to my wife and I while we go thru these tough times! I highly recommend your services. You're AWESOME!...I wish I would have asked more questions! But my whole family is amazed! First thing you said to me in the lounge, Who is Ryan? Amazing! Then all the other messages from my dear son totally validated the reading. And the fact that you flagged us down as we were outside the building cause you had so much more to share about my boy! God bless you Britney! Sorry for blowing up your page w so many messages I'm just so touched by what you gave us! Thx again”

 -KW Of Sullivan MO

...”Once again you absolutely amaze me with your insight on everything..things I've never told anyone. Not many people surprise me, but you always do!!” 

-Jaclyn Of Chillicothe MO

“I was incredibly impressed with my experience with Britney.... The direction that I received from Britney helped me move forward and validated my current choices. I left feeling very excited about this experience and highly recommend it to anyone. In fact, I am organizing a work party and Britney is our Special Guest!“ THANK YOU!!! 

-Sara Of Columbia MO

“I lost my husband 7 weeks ago and after talking to this amazing woman I am finally feeling at peace... I am so very grateful to have met you and I literally could of sat and talked to you all night. I want to thank you from the buttom of my heart for helping me and I can't wait to be able to sit and talk to you again.. Thank you again“

-Carrie Of Ursa IL

“I have no doubt's you have a special gift! Thank You!”

 -Jeana Of Hannibal MO

 “I'm so glad you've accepted your gift and the encouragement from your guides. You're the real deal.”

-Shannon Of Quincy IL

“Had an amazing heart felt moment with Britney on Sunday evening. I was able to connect to my father who past nearly 4 years ago in March. Britney was able to give me the peace I needed to know my daddy is still watching down on me. She has an amazing gift. Thank you!” -Lindsey B Columbia MO

”Thank you for yesterday. I haven't slept better in over a year!” Beth of Hannibal MO

”Had an amazing reading with Britney this evening. I have always wanted to believe but was skeptical. Tonight she gave me so much peace. There were things she mentioned that no one could have known... No one.. Except for my father and I. Absolutely amazing, peaceful.. And enlightening.” Olivia R of Columbia MO

”I feel so blessed to have been able to sit down and talk to Britney today! It has been a very long time coming, and was so worth the wait!  During my visit, I had several family members come through, it was seriously like a family reunion! But the best one that came through, was my friend who had passed. I had so many unanswered questions about him, and I feel like I finally have some closure! Britney, thank you so so much, I can't wait to sit down with you again! And I'll keep you posted on what happens in October! Love you girl! -Erica E of Columbia MO

”Hi Brittany!

I didn't get a chance to thank you before leaving today! I thoroughly enjoyed our session! So much so, I was telling my sister about it (the one that wanted to be there 😂) and she is incredibly interested! We have a group of six that would like to do another party, if possible...

Again- so grateful for my experience today- and so is my family... Brandi of Fayetteville MO

”THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I slept until 6:45am this am, first time I’ve slept past 4 am Since my husband passed. You answered so many questions and brought so much peace... I look forward to meeting with you again and will refer you...” Deb of Hull IL

”Thank You so much for the insight and connection to my dad! P.S. I have told all my people about you! Literally! I was just so excited!” -Ali P of Quincy IL