Ok, But How Does This Work?


What To Expect OR NOT Expect!

Below You’ll find an article from the Huffington Post written by Psychic Bill Stillman. I encourage anyone interested in getting a Psychic/Mediumship reading to read this! Its a wealth of information and spot on about some of the questions you may have! 


Can I Record My Reading?

Yes, you can use your phone, or other recording device to record the session, you may also bring pen and paper for notes. 

How Much Time Will I Need?!


  • Half Hour- Interested in connecting with mainly one person, this is a private one on one session.
  • Full Hour: Family Session, or if you have many loved ones you wish to connect with.  

Intuitive/Psychic Angel Card Readings:

  • 15 Minutes: If your seeking enlightenment on one specific situation or question. 
  • Half Hour: First time or have many questions.
  • Full Hour: If you’d like to combine life coaching and counseling.

Life Coaching: 

  • Half Hour: working through one particular situation or issue. 
  • Hour: most recomened, also comes with free Intuitive Psychic Tarot Reading. 

All Private Mentorship/ Teaching/ Classes are one hour.